Best-selling Author Larry Goldsmith’s newest novel Payback has gone to the publisher. It will be launched by spring 2023. Payback is a mystery that begins with Hanna being kidnapped. When Hanna asks her abductor why she was taken, she is told, “Because your father killed my husband.” Then Hanna is forced to marry one of her abductors as payback. The story then has unexpected twists of fate.

Update: The sequel to Bashert a novel called The Hezbollah Affair is complete! Larry Goldsmith is looking for a literary agent to assist in publication.

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An action packed novel about a family who is willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

Against the background of the late 60’s Woodstock culture and proceeding through the early 1970’s Soviet Jewry movement, Larry Goldsmith takes us on a journey in his new novel of historical fiction. Combining a love story and a courtroom drama with some American and Jewish history, Larry uses his expert legal background and sincere devotion to Judaism and the Jewish people to portray a story which will keep your attention, inform you about Jewish values and learn about life-saving sacrificial acts of kindness. You will be both enlightened and entertained by reading the book.
Rabbi Vernon Kurtz

Update August 25, 2022 Bashert is a BEST SELLER ON AMAZON in 7 categories.

About Me

Larry Goldsmith

Author, writer & financial Sleuth​

Larry is a passionate writer who pours his romantic feeling into the pages of his writings. His characters resemble many of the individuals whom he has known; the good, the bad and past lovers. His soul is a cleansed and he exercises his spirit by putting words on paper. He tells tales of his past through his characters and attempts to share a worldly view of the moral choices in life.

Professionally, Goldsmith is a financial sleuth (forensic CPA) and an attorney. His professional experiences are woven into believable and authentic storylines. These storylines take place where dreams, memories and fantasies become one. In his writing Goldsmith finds himself personally lost in the world of his own imagination. He applies his real life occupation of courtroom dramas and negotiating with the IRS into many of his novels. Writing is his passion to the chagrin of his wife.

He is happily married, lives in the Second City (Chicago). Being a baseball fan every novel contains a baseball tidbit woven into each story. When not working, writing he is riding his bicycle or recalling younger days when he kayaked down dangerous whitewater rivers or I played volleyball.

Goldsmith has published two novels Bashert and Marc Marci. Both of them have  received wonderful reviews which warms his heart and soul.

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Best Seller

Marc Marci

A grieving child’s journey leads to HIS discovery of who SHE was meant to be.

"Why should I live?" The question in my soul was, "Why should I continue to exist? For what purpose?"
Larry Goldsmith

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Marc Marci

A grieving child’s journey leads to HIS discovery of who SHE was meant to be.

The protagonist in this modern love story is Marc, a nerdy 17-year-old boy who eagerly anticipates high school graduation and attending Northwestern. All Marc’s dreams are dashed when his parents are killed. His world is shattered and faces an uncertain future; orphaned and friendless.

Marc soon learns though he traveled a great distance to escape his problems they still remained. Loyal friendships save her life as she is finding comfort in her own body. This story will be sure to inspire so many who question their gender. The message of this tale is one of universal appeal as Marci becomes a confident wife and mother.


An action packed novel about a family who is willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

In the late sixties, the world experiences a counter revolution, rebelling against the devasting war in Vietnam and cultural norms. During these days of rage, the Soviets and U.S. seek to end the nuclear arms race. As a bargaining chip, the Nixon administration promises to support a free trade agreement while ignoring Soviet human and religious abuses.

In New York city, a young criminal attorney enters the fray after his shotgun wedding to the Rebbe’s daughter. His father-in-law is a world renowned clandestine leader seeking religious freedom for millions of Soviet citizens. The White House prosecutes the Rebbe as their scapegoat so the U.S. Soviet trade agreement passes Congress. 

The Nixon administration will use every legal tool orchestrated by an unscrupulous U.S. prosecuting attorney to imprison the Rebbe and destroy the credibility of his movement.

Millions of lives rest on the outcome of the trial. The world watches, waiting for a courtroom verdict. Two young lovers and an old Rebbe battle two world powers.