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New Gender Romance Novel That Will Save Lives:

Marc Marci, is a young, adult romance novel by U.S. author Larry G. Goldsmith A story of hope and coming of age…

Marc suffers a sudden, traumatic loss of family, at a time he is to embark on the road to adulthood. Confused, grieving and overwhelmed, Marc defers college to search for answers we ask ourselves as we move beyond our teenage years.
Marc’s journey is paved with obstacles; physical, emotional and developmental. The quest to attain his definition of happiness is facilitated by strangers encountered across the pond. These individuals become the anchors, mentors and foundational support to his transition and ultimate survival.
A beautiful awakening emerges, as Marc evolves into Marci, a woman who fulfills the dreams Marc sought to achieve.
This novel was written to give power to those who seek to change who they are and for those who seek to understand their loved one’s search. This is a story of hope, courage and life affirming renewal.

Marc Marci is published by:
Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers, LTD
ISBN 978 1 784659 94 3
Published 3/25/2021

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Thriller, Romance, Coming of Age, ready for you!
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